Monday, September 13, 2010

Adding Details

30 Italian - Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovpaint

The additional details on my gown are ready to be finished. The paint on the gown has been allowed to dry for 48 hours. The details may be painted or burned, depending on what has been added. I found this information about my favorite Christmas carol. Enjoy.

The original lyrics for the song in German, Stille Nacht, were written by Joseph Mohr and the melody was composed by Franz X. Gruber. The carol was first performed 191 years ago on December 24, 1818 at the St. Nicholas church in Oberndorf, Austria. Since then the Christmas song has achieved world wide appeal and it said that there are over 300 translations of the song in the world.


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  1. Oh, are looking WONDERFUL!!! I love "Silent Night" is one of my favorites and we always dim the lights in church when that is sung on Christmas Eve. I play in the handbell choir and it is so moving to be part of playing that song on Christmas Eve.