Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Decorated!

It’s me again. Today is a great day. The Carver will finish my face this week except for the eyes. He must seal the wood to stabilize it enough to do the fine detail. Until then he's working on my attire. The rest of my friends are pleased with their progress. We all think we are the Carver’s favorite. I found this story very interesting. Till next week.

THE MAGI – Argentina

The children of Argentina practice the custom of putting a shoe beneath the Christmas tree – or perhaps beside their bed – when awaiting the Magi. The Wise Men arrive on the night of January 5th, the eve of The Epiphany, which is when the people of Argentina celebrate the holidays. Just as the children of North America leave cookies and milk for Santa, Argentinean children leave hay and water outside the main door of the house, so that the horses of the Magi can be refreshed during their journey.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Features on my Face

Greetings from the Nickster. Doesn’t that sound so 90’s? My friend Malcom, a 41 inch tall knee, says I need to make that 1990’s since he remembers the 1890’s. My facial features are almost done. My beard will be completed within the next couple of days. My gown and robe are almost finished and my body is beginning to take shape. My friends are coming along and I can’t wait for you to meet them. This is the last of names so we will have to look for other interesting tidbits about my friends and me for any future post.

Poland: Gwiazdor

Portugal: Pai Natal

Russia: Ded Moroz

Spain: Papa Noel

Sweden: Jultomten

Turkey: Noel Baba

United States: Santa Claus

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taking Shape

Hello again from the little red schoolhouse. It has taken the Carver 3 hours to get me to this stage. My face is still a little rough but it’s getting there. He has begun sanding my gown and robe and some of the features in my beard and hat are beginning to take shape. I really like this picture. My friends are beginning to take shape also. Here is a picture of some of them. A lot of you emailed that you enjoyed learning my other names so here are some more.

France: Pere Noel

Germany: Christtindl

Hungary: Mikulas

India: Ganesha

Iran: Baba Noel

Italy: Babbo Natale

Japan: Hoteisho

Netherlands: Kertsman

New Zealand: Father Christmas

Norway: Julenissen

Peru: Papai Noel

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting my Makeover

The Carver started my transformation today. He took knives, chisels, and small power tools and began to remove wood from around my face and gown. It will take him 10 hours to finish the process. I will include more pictures as I am closer to being finished. Three women came by today. They have several of my friends in their collections. I heard the Carver tell them about the process of carving. He said that there are only three things you can do with a knife. Chop, peel, and slice. Almost anyone can be taught these skills, but no one can teach someone “how to see the man inside the wood”. I can’t wait to see what I look like as my journey continues. I thought we could learn some of my other names.

Australia: Father Christmas

Brazil: Papai Noel

Canada: English Speaking: Santa Claus; French Speaking: Pere Noel

China: Shengdan Laoren

Denmark: Julemanden

Holland: Sinter Klaas

Egypt: Papa Noel

England: Father Christmas

Finland: Joulupukki