Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Features on my Face

Greetings from the Nickster. Doesn’t that sound so 90’s? My friend Malcom, a 41 inch tall knee, says I need to make that 1990’s since he remembers the 1890’s. My facial features are almost done. My beard will be completed within the next couple of days. My gown and robe are almost finished and my body is beginning to take shape. My friends are coming along and I can’t wait for you to meet them. This is the last of names so we will have to look for other interesting tidbits about my friends and me for any future post.

Poland: Gwiazdor

Portugal: Pai Natal

Russia: Ded Moroz

Spain: Papa Noel

Sweden: Jultomten

Turkey: Noel Baba

United States: Santa Claus


  1. You are looking more and more wonderful with each post (but of course, you were beautiful even in your natural state)!!!

  2. Just recently got back in town so I'm catching up on how Santa is coming along.....LOOKING GOOD!!!

  3. Boy, is it looking good! Just stunning work!