Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting Decorated!

It’s me again. Today is a great day. The Carver will finish my face this week except for the eyes. He must seal the wood to stabilize it enough to do the fine detail. Until then he's working on my attire. The rest of my friends are pleased with their progress. We all think we are the Carver’s favorite. I found this story very interesting. Till next week.

THE MAGI – Argentina

The children of Argentina practice the custom of putting a shoe beneath the Christmas tree – or perhaps beside their bed – when awaiting the Magi. The Wise Men arrive on the night of January 5th, the eve of The Epiphany, which is when the people of Argentina celebrate the holidays. Just as the children of North America leave cookies and milk for Santa, Argentinean children leave hay and water outside the main door of the house, so that the horses of the Magi can be refreshed during their journey.


  1. Your bits of historical trivia are really great and of course your carvings are fantastic.....each step brings the image into focus!!

  2. Thoroughly enjoying this journey! Thanks for all the extra little bits, too. :)

  3. I, too, love the interesting facts you are giving us along the way. And, are looking MIGHTY FINE!!!!

  4. It is amazing workmanship! It was lovely sharing the journey with you!