Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greeting from Nick's friend

Hello.  My name is Tom and I would like to thank you for following my friend Nick's journey.  I promised him that I would keep up the blog.  We had a great time at the Christmas Village Gift Show in Birmingham, Alabama last week.  Nick is now at home with "Steve" and says he loves his new friends.  I can't tell you his exact location because "Steve" is giving him as a gift.  A few of Nick's friends will be at my studio in Gadsden, Alabama and Gene and I will be putting some on the Whittler's Hollow web site soon.  Here are some pictures of some of the completed figures.  I thought you might enjoy some facts about Nick's other friends from around the world so I will research them and let you know what I find out.  Keep in touch.


Victorian Father Christmas

This is a typical, kind Santa as depicted during the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837 to 1897, and featured on postcards of the era. Christmas was a very important event centred around children & family. Many of the customs originated in Germany,(including the Christmas tree), reflecting the heritage of the Queen's husband, Prince Albert. A Victorian Santa often carried a Christmas tree along with 'tons of toys'.

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  1. Hi, Tom -- I'm glad you are going to keep up the blog. I will miss seeing Nick, though...I must be honest about that! Enjoy any upcoming shows and also the visit from your friends to your studio.