Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Cypress Tree and Me

I promised to tell you more about the cypress tree and my relationship to them, so, here goes. These trees grow in wet areas, along rivers, lake shores, and springs. Cypress trees are known for the growths on their roots called “knees”. No one really knows what these “knees” do, but, --are you ready? -- I am one of these cypress knees. There are many of us here in the swamp. All of us are different and no two look alike. Here are pictures of me and all of my friends.

“For decades this tree stood and observed the changing of the swamp. Its roots have put out an extension called a “knee”. Mother Nature truly sculpted them into works of art that cannot be equaled by man. Even more amazing is that the “knee” serves no purpose to the tree. It is as if it were put here for us to enjoy. “ Geneva Hays, Olla, Louisiana, 1989


  1. I have heard of the "bee's knees" but I think Cypress knees may be cuter!

  2. I never heard of cypress knees until Gene introduced us to you and your creator's work.