Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life in the Swamp

Bonjour. I got that from the big man. The swamp is an interesting place to live. Beaver, muskrat, and weasel live here, so does the possum and raccoon.

Fish swim all around me. Scary critters live here too. Alligators, snakes and turtles are everywhere, but I’m not afraid. They’re my friends. Spanish moss, lily pads and cypress trees surround me. I am especially fond of the cypress tree. I actually owe my existence to them. I will tell more about that later. Some of my younger human friends have drawn pictures of me. I will include one each week for you to enjoy. Gotta go now. Bye

“It is early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise over the cypress tree tops. The mist is rising and in the distance, an owl gives its lonesome call. Spanish moss hangs in ghostly threads from tree limbs and an alligator slowly raises its head searching for its breakfast. Around the cypress tree roots, fish and turtles are seeking their first meal of the day. A lone beaver swims by on his way home after a long night’s work. This is my home and I love living here.” Geneva Hays, 1989

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  1. Oh, no....gators and snakes. I'd be afraid....VERY afraid!