Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am getting older.

Brazil (Portuguese) - "Feliz Natal" or "Boas Festasantique

Hello. It has been a long week. I have been waiting for my final finish. Tom has applied a special antiquing medium to me. I must dry for 5 days to make sure that the paint will not be rubbed off after he applies the wax. He will begin to wax all of us within the next 24 hours. I can hardly wait to see my new waxed surface. It is getting closer to the end.

A well known English plant, the Christmas rose, is a true Christmas flower. It is sometimes called the Snow or Winter Rose. It blooms in the depths of winter in the mountains of Central Europe. Legend links it with the birth of Christ and a little shepherdess named Madelon.

As Madelon tended her sheep one cold and wintry night, wise men and other shepherds passed by the snow covered field where she was with their gifts for the Christ Child. The wise men carried the rich gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense and the shepherds, fruits, honey and doves. Poor Madelon began to weep at the thought of having nothing, not even a simple flower for the Newborn King. An angel, seeing her tears, brushed away the snow revealing a most beautiful white flower tipped with pink - the Christmas rose.

Also in central and northern Europe it is the custom to break off a branch of a cherry tree at the beginning of the Advent and keep it in water in a warm room; the flowers should burst into bloom at Christmas time.

Some more of my friends at Sue's house.

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  1. Oh...you are really looking GREAT!!! Nice story about the Christmas rose and I never knew what people did in Europe with the cherry tree branches...sounds like a nice idea!