Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Look

A lot has happened since we last talked. The day after our last visit was a very important day for my friends and me. The big man put us in a large metal container filled with water. He then placed the container over a large fire. As the steam began to rise, I could feel the rough bark that covered me loosen. When we were taken out, the big man and his wife began to pull the bark off. Instead of a looking rough I now have a smooth membrane covering. They washed us with a special solution and placed us back into our temporary home. Here are some pictures of how we look now.

Mr Van Hays boiling cypress knees

A cypress knee still in the bark.

One cypress knee ready to begin the drying process, and one still wearing his coat of bark.

And Finally! The Santa of the week!


  1. I love reading about the Cypress knees and looking at the colorful Santas!

  2. I'm glad you aren't shut up in the dark building any longer...or maybe you are (until the next time Mr. Hays takes you out to work with you)??? What an interesting trip you take once you leave the swamp...can't wait to hear the next step!

  3. I can visualize Santa in that mold. I love your are so talented!