Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nelson and the Flying Lesson

Dad and I were enjoying our usual Sunday morning drive.  I knew Dad missed attending church, but we both looked forward to our weekly adventures.  As we neared the river, Dad reached for his Coke and peanut butter crackers and said, “Tom, if I were going to ask you to learn to fly, would you take lessons from a bird or a mammal?”  My father is always asking quirky and thought provoking questions but this one seemed fairly straight forward.  “A bird,” I said confidently.  "Why would you do that?” he quizzed.  “Because a bird can fly,” I answered.  Dad paused, took a long drink from his Coke and said, “An ostrich is a bird and it can’t fly.  A bat is a mammal and it can.  It is not what someone is called that is important; it is what they can do.  Find out if someone can fly before you label them." How many people could teach us wonderful things if we took the time to find out if they “knew how to fly”?
"Don’t try to be famous, try to be unforgettable. People forget famous people. You can’t remember who won the Academy Award for best actress in 1963 but you remember your fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Cunningham."
"I don’t have enemies.  I just have friends I haven’t convinced yet."
"If someone offers you a gift, take it.  Do not deny them the joy of giving."
"You have to change in order to become better."


  1. What GREAT things you post here!

  2. Do you have a source for the quote about not being famous but being unforgettable? I'd love to use that on my blog....but don't want to unless I can give credit for it. (Or maybe YOU said it and would give me permission to use it?)

  3. "If someone offers you a gift, take it. Do not deny them the joy of giving."

    My adopted Nana taught me that about giving.
    She gave me a really nice gift. I said "You shouldn't have!" She replied "Do you want me to take it back?" When I blurted "NO Way," she told me "then just say 'thank you' and enjoy it"
    Funny thing, in learning to receive I also learned to be more joyful in giving.