Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nelson and Shania

Dad and I were on our way to my brother’s farm.  Nothing special was on tap, Dad just needed to get out the house for a while.  I was deep in thought and he was staring out of the window of the truck.  When a new song came on the radio, Dad perked up.  “Isn’t that the one I like to watch sing?” he asked. My father was always interested in music but this comment surprised me. “Yes Dad. That’s Shania Twain.  I didn’t know you were into country music,” I said. “How do you know who sings that song?”  “I watch her on TV sometimes.  She’s real easy to look at.  You know God is good to all of us, but He was especially good to that young lady.”  “Yes He was, Dad.” I replied smiling.” Yes He was.”  After all, I am my father’s son.
"Your Uncle Cecil always said 'You can’t make men too rich, women too pretty, or coffee too strong'.”
"I like pretty women and I don’t like coffee. But both sure smell good."
"She’s not big, she’s just overfed."

"I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him and I wouldn’t give you a nickel for another one just like him."
"Good days or bad days depend on which side of the grass you are looking at.  If you are looking the top, it is a good day."
"'When saying something that is not flattering about someone, always end with 'Bless their heart'”.

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