Monday, January 24, 2011

More on Getting Older

Word spread that I was collecting Dad's sayings and people have begun to call and tell me ones they remember.  This is becoming a way for the community to remember Dad and celebrate the way he lived his life.  Some of these Nelsonisms are from these calls.

"Don’t mess with old."
"Never say” good bye”, always say “See you later”.  It gives us hope."
If you asked Dad if he had been to a particular place or seen a certain event, his response, if he had not already experienced it, was always the same.  "Not yet."
”The Devil can’t have me and the Lord is not ready for me yet.  When He is, whoever is with me will be the second one to know."
"A man called the other day to offer me a metal roof for my house.  He said that it would last me the rest of my life.  I told him, 'I’m 91 years old.  A cardboard roof will last me the rest of my life.'  But now that I think of it that metal roof might not be a bad idea.”
"Tom, you need to order some more tags for the bags I make.  I only have enough to last 3 more years." (Nelson at 90)
Dad and I ran into one of his nephews one Saturday morning.  “It’s good to see you Uncle Nelson. How is it going?” he said.  Without missing a beat my father responded, “At my age if you are being seen and not viewed, it is a good day.”

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