Monday, January 31, 2011

Nelson on The Good Old Days

Dad was 93 when he died and loved to tell me about the "Old Days."  I cannot imagine the changes he lived through or the things he saw.  I know his head stone reads 1916-2010 but the two dates are not what's important, it's the dash in between.  Here are some Nelsonism's on the dash.

"My mother and father are gone. All of my brothers and my sister have passed. All of my childhood friends are dead. No one is alive that has known me for my entire life. It’s kind of lonely, but I don’t have any peer pressure now."

"I never took a driving test. I just went to the court house and paid a nickel and they gave me my license. I’ve never had a ticket and never had an accident. Best nickel I ever spent."

"You are your ancestor’s descendant and your descendant’s ancestor. Wrap your brain around that one."

"It only cost a nickel to get into the movies, but I didn’t have the nickel."

"I am getting stronger in my old age. When my wife and I first married, it took two hands to carry $10.00 worth of groceries. Now I can carry $75.00 worth of groceries with one hand."

"I have never had a credit card. If I can’t afford it, I don’t need it. I may want it, but if I need it I will save up until I can buy it."

"This is the fifth last car I will ever have to buy."

"I’m not hard of hearing, I’m tired of listening."

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