Friday, January 28, 2011

Nelson, Little Brother and Me

After my post yesterday, Kenny mentioned to me that big brothers have the "I am older than you and Mom and Dad put me in charge so I now control everything. Shut up and do what I told you to do" meter.  He informed me that I ranked higher on the big brother meter than he did on the little brother meter  that I referred to on my last post so I think a few more Nelsonism are needed. 

The world’s a better place because you boys are in it. 

Your Mother and I raised you so everyone else would love you.  We were going to love you anyway.
When we brought your brother home from the hospital, you wanted to send him back.  I see you still feel that way sometimes.
No one can make corn bread, tea or fried chicken like you mother.  They may be good, but they are not your mom’s.  These are some of the things that you will miss for the rest of your life.
Try to better than average.  Average is just the top of the bottom.
Your mother and I always discussed the decisions we made concerning you boys.  Two hearts are better than one.
Let’s get this straight son.  You dropped your BB gun, it went off accidentally, and shot your little brother in the butt.  Five times.  Are you sure you don’t want to rethink the truth on that one?
The only difference in a brother and a bother is the letter “r”.
It takes two sons to make one brother.

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