Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nelson and The Good Samaritan (Conclusion)

"Who would you be?"

I would be the good Samaritan,” I responded. “He’s the one who showed compassion and cared for his neighbor.” “In my younger days, I would have said the same thing.” Dad said.” But the older I get, the more I think there is something else to learn from this parable. I have decided that I would be the inn keeper. The Samaritan took the man to the inn and told the inn keeper to care for him. Not only care for him but spend his own money on the promise that he would be paid back. The inn keeper cared for someone he had never met and was given only a promise from someone he didn’t know. The Samaritan had a story written about him, the inn keeper did most of the work. We need to take care of people. That’s our job on this earth and our payment is God’s promise to us.” I just sat quietly and thought about what my father had said. This man was still learning and teaching from the book that had guided his life. As he slowly turned and looked out of the window I heard him say under his breath, ”Yep. We just need more inn keepers.” I hope to live my life as the inn keeper lived his. Nelson would be proud.

"The person you are when no one is watching is the person you are."

"If your choices are do nothing or do something, always do something."

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